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Frost Valley YMCA is proud to host variety of weekend programs each year. One of our eight core values in Inclusivesness, and our goal is to offer programs for all. We just finished our last weekend of the school year, and we would like to thank each and every guest who has come through our doors to participate in our programs. Most guests are surprised to learn that we are open every weekend from Labor Day until the middle of June, and families are always welcome. Some weekends have specific themes, but we also host individual families as well.

For our last official weekend, we hosted a variety of groups and families, and many took part in our Autism Support program. We turned the dance studio into a sensory room where families could relax and enjoy free play activities designed just for them. The room included play dough, a pool full of corn, glittery water bottles, and a variety of other textured toys. Parents Christine and Paul appreciated that there were so many friendly activities, and their son Patrick really enjoyed the scent jars that were in the sensory room. The family said that it’s really the little things that mean so much, and you don’t have to know everyone’s personal stories to know where they have been. It was definitely a weekend full of support from families who have a lot of experience with Autism and working with children.

Our families with the Autism Support program also came together to enjoy The Flying Squirrel as a group. It was a lot of fun watching the faces of kids as they flew in the air, and their parents were just as excited. The group was also able to take a Sensory Awareness Stroll on Sunday as a culmination of the weekend. The parents were overall thrilled to have joined us and appreciated the fact that it was a smaller weekend, so lines at activities were fairly short. They also liked that the schedule had a lot of variety and flexibility. There was plenty to do without worrying too much about time. We look forward to more Autism Support Weekends next year, as well as many other themes. Thank you again to everyone who has joined us this school year. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall!


Ashley Ritzheimer

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