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The 4-week program hits the trails!

The advanced program is off to an amazing start!  Yesterday we had our evaluation rides in the morning with their soon-to-be instructors.  The girls had a break from the barn in the afternoon, when they met in the shade to create yurt decorations!  They also played several rounds of SPLAT, proving that all of them have a competitive streak!  Then it was back to the barn to help with turn out and stable management.  Each girl led several horses down to the field before returning to help the 2-week girls clean the barn.

For evening program the girls used their creativity to come up with cheers about EVR to be used at East vs. West later in the session!  They even shared one with the whole camp at flag raising this morning.

Today they woke up early to help the counselors wrangle the horses!  They were down at the field by 7:00 and they did so well that we finished by 7:30, which means that everybody gets to sleep in tomorrow!  At breakfast their lesson groups and their horse assignments were announced and they jumped for joy!

Split up into three groups, they had their first lessons with their trial horses and they were AWESOME!  Every single group were independently trotting on their new horses and they love them!  After a delicious lunch we headed out on an hour long trail ride, then returned for a much needed rest hour.  The girls played loads of fun games with their counselors after they rested up, then helped with evening feed and turn out, once again!  They loved learning about the different types of feed and even had fun stirring the wet feed – MESSY!

Tonight’s evening program was PAPER BAG SKITS!  Their laughter could be heard all across camp.  They also joined the 2-week evening program: SUPER SECRET DANCE PARTYYYYY!  They have thoroughly tired themselves out, and will definitely sleep well tonight!

<3 EVR!



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