The last day(s)

The last full day of the summer at camp is intensely pre-nostalgic. People walking around—staff and campers alike—treating every encounter as if it will be the last. But it won’t because at that point there’s so much more to go. Then comes the final day—the morning of check-out. For sessions 1, 2, and 3 this is sad but not as sentimental as 4th. Counselors completely emphathize with the sadness-upon-leaving of their campers and so more even than usual we are all in it together: this realizing how deep and compelling and instructive and ideal(istic) is this community of people thrown in together, living together, dramatizing emerging selves together, figuring out each other’s needs and vulnerabilities. Here are some faces and scenes from the last day(s).

Remains of the last 2018 Pac CQ fire.
Creative Totemite hair-do.
Alex is trying hard to help Cody put an accurate tag on his luggage with just five minutes left before they have to run to breakfast.
London discovered his passion for counseling—during his “in cabin” time with Pokey-Totem.
These trustee volunteers (and Mania) prepare to help raise funds for Project 332 during the two hours of check-out.
VCs of (from left) Pac, Hemlock, Sacky and Windsong prepare to greet parents one more time in ’18.
Every time Jere picks up her kids at camp, she remembers her own many years’ experience. It’s powerful for her, almost as powerful as for them! Ah, continuity.
These close friends all wanted to meet the mom of one of them. And she (Sara) had herself been a camper (and then CIT) for many summers in the late ’70s to mid-1980s.
And then this space is empty.
Elliiot gets to take home to 2018 bopper.
Wawayanda directors, Nick and Ashley.
Waits for the last meal to show off his talent.
He wanted to win one of these shirts so badly that during the final Challenge Night he participated in every event he could. And finally comes away with a coveted shirt!
Mom and aunt are intensely proud of their twin sons who have grown up with their FV summers.
The CEO congratulates a CIT he’s known from years and seen grow up.
Friends—they just can’t believe it’s over.
Hird Lodge last day still life.


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