The people of session 2 (and a few reflections as captions)

Put session 2 in the books! It rained much of the second week but that did not dampen Olympics and four more days of activities, including (somehow) overnights. Most of the photos below were taken on the last day of camp, but there are a few others mixed in. I love last-day faces. Happy to have been together—sad to depart.

Mahtab (FV trustee) and Marike (parent of Lakota camper and herself once a counselor in Pokey-Totem) early on the morning of session 2 check-out.
The LITs (and their coordinator Cesi) helped me a great deal this past four weeks. Thank you to all!
Fungus along Biscuit Creek after a week of rain.
The Geronimo tent at dawn, last day of the session.
Morgan (below), Meredith (at right) and the Hird VCs.
Garrett is a Forest counselor. His dad, Andy Kremer, was a staff member in the 1970s.
Franny G. (left) doesn’t want to say goodbye to her campers. It’s tough loving them so much and then they have to leave.
The rain feel and the waters rose. This is the amazing spot where Pigeon Creek comes tumbling down the mountain and joins the quieter stately Biscuit Creek. The spot is right where Sequoia is located.
Where Pigeon Brook tumbles into Biscuit Creek.
Dr. Lewis Reisman has been coming to FV since 1977, to help with our program (co-hosted by the Gottscho Kidney Foundation) to help kids with renal disease have a regular camp experience.
She won the “most vintage” staff shirt I gave away at Challenge Night. This one goes back to the late 80s or early 90s.
Melissa Rubin and Marike Toothaker with their kids. The moms were once counselors together in Pokey-Totem.
Lance (aka “John”) Zabriskie and his son Zach at check-out. Lance was a counselor in the 1980s.
These two talented people ran Moonshadow first session and then Sunburst second. Jamelle and Samaiah.
Final-breakfast dancing.
Marike reunites with her daughter Susannah.
Wasilla is an Arab Israeli girl whose kidney transplant has somewhat limited her experience. But because of the efforts of Lew Reisman and his colleague, the nurse Raneen (here, right), Wasilla and another transplant patient Paul came all the way from Israel to spend session 2 with us. Both kids LOVED the experience, and Raneen spent the whole two weeks in camp—an unusual experience for her too.
Rowan—proud of his achievements as a CiT.
Sophia is at camp this summer to teach creative writing. But on check-out days she’s a specialist at crawling into the luggage bin in the buses to make sure all the luggage is stacked just right.
He really wanted to make sure that front porch of cabin 23 was clean before he left for home.
Portia and Nel.
Lila and April, Sunburst campers and long-time friends.



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