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The Sun Is Shining At EVR!

The sun has FINALLY come out here in the East Valley – YAY! Which means that yesterday afternoon the girls were able to complete their evaluation rides!

As it was still raining yesterday morning, some of the girls from the West Valley came to visit for a play-date and spent the morning giving the girls makeovers – they had painted nails, braided hair, and beautiful make-up to match! The afternoon was spent at the barn where we completed the evaluation rides and gave the horses some much needed TLC.

Last night’s evening program was DISCO NIGHT! All the girls dressed up in  their most glamorous outfits and danced the night away… They also played some games and won prizes too. Needless to say, after yesterday’s busy day the girls were definitely tired and ready for bed when they day had finished!

This morning, the girls woke up and it was yurt 5’s turn to wrangle the horses in from the field. Each yurt will rotate days to wrangle the horses in the mornings. After breakfast the girls eagerly awaited the announcement of their riding assignments for horses and lesson groups… We select each horse and rider pair specifically for which will give them the most confidence but will also give them a challenge to work on for the session too. There were smiles all round – both because they were actually getting to ride today as it was SUNNY and also because they were SO excited to bond with their horses.

The girls get divided in to two groups of morning riders (the Barrel Racers) and afternoon riders (the Buckin’ Broncs). While the Barrel Racers are grooming tacking and riding, the Buckin’ Broncs spend time doing ground lessons, arts & crafts and sports and in the afternoon the groups flip-flop.

After all the groups have ridden they will turn their horses out to the pasture for the night and clean the barn before dinner.

Tonight’s evening program is KILLER AT EVR!!!! …One of the best games on the planet.

WE LOVE EVR!!!! <3



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