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The Wild Wild West Hits East Valley Ranch!

Today, East Valley Ranch has been taken over by the wild wild west! Today is our brand new theme day – WESTERN DAY! This is a chance for our girls to learn what it’s really like to be a cowgirl for a day!

We have wanted posters and Sherrif’s badges all over the place in preparation for this afternoon’s stick pony rodeo and tonight’s barn dance!

The stick pony rodeo is where the girls get to make their own stick ponies and participate in our very own rodeo – we have barrel racing, pole bending, flat out races, best turn out, best effort and many more prizes to be won. Tonight’s barn dance will have all the girls in their best cowgirl outfits and we will be teaching them a few of our favourite dances!

On the riding side of things, the girls each had the chance to ride bareback for the morning! This gives the riders a chance to really get a feel for their horse and to understand exactly how they move. Bareback riding is a great way for any rider to improve their balance, confidence, and position and it’s great fun too! Each of our campers also had the opportunity to ride a different horse today which they were all very excited about.

While each group was riding, the remaining girls were taking their turn trying out vaulting with one of our best horses – Boomer. Vaulting allows riders to try a form of gymnastics on horseback which helps to perfect their balance, and consentration skills whilst also letting them try things that they wouldn’t normally get to do in your average lesson. While our instructors held Boomer the riders tried around the world, being led around without holding the reins, and lying down on horseback. Turns out Vaulting was a big hit with the EVR girls!




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