Theme Day and Harvest Day!

Saturday was theme day on the Farm and this session our theme was Olympics, butwith a twist! We split the camp into groups and let them build their own nation. They created the name of their country, their laws, and their flag. The teams were “Dirrt”, “Sandorville”, “Sesclvnccmjz”, and “The United Beyonce Kingdom (UBK).” They spent their day playing games, just like in the Olympics, but only camp style! The day was rounded off by a camp favorite evening program, USB. USB is like a giant game of capture the flag, but with 4 teams, and many different flags. The nation of “Sandorville” won the Farm Camp Olympics this year!

Today, is one of my favorite days at camp, Harvest Day! We started the day off by having a bit of a sleep in. After everyone finally woke up, we had waffles and ice cream (along with other more nutritional food) for brunch! For the rest of the day, the campers will spend time with their yurts harvesting produce from the garden to use for making a dish for all of camp to eat at dinner. Each camper has a hand in our big meal at the end of the day. Some dishes are a little more difficult than the others, but they all make up our dinner!Here are what each yurt made for Harvest Day:

Yurt 1 – brownies with whipped cream and Farm berries on top
Yurt 2 – zucchini bread with Farm zucchini
Yurt 3 – raspberry, blueberry, and mint lemonade with berries from the garden
Yurt 4 – veggie soup with zucchini, squash, beets, and kale from the Farm
Yurt 6 – Salad with everything from the Farm
Yurt 7 – chicken cordon bleu

Yurt 8 – noodles with garlic alfredo sauce

Tonight will be a relaxed evening program, but we kick back into the normal schedule again tomorrow!


Nicki Macy

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