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There are ten horses in a barn but only nine stables, how do you get them all to fit?

Last riddle…the horses name was Friday!

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all had as good a weekend as we have at East Valley Ranch. Today I got our 4 week program campers to write this weekend blog, so here it is;

Saturday was bareback day at EVR! While some of the horses took a relaxing day off, others were used in bareback lessons. Bareback riding is riding without a saddle, which is a good way to teach campers the importance of having good posture and balance on horseback. Campers spent their lessons with their yurts and worked on circles, reversing, starting, and stopping. In addition to riding, the girls spent time in the barn show grooming and washing horses. After lunch, Wacky Water Saturday commenced! From slip ‘n’ slides to creeking, the girls rotated around numerous water games and spent the rest of the hot day cooling off. For dinner, all of Frost Valley practised stewardship, by participating in “Eat with your Face Night”. This saves the environment by not having to use the dishwasher to wash the silverware.. so the silverware is taken away! To end the night, the evening program was a “graduation” themed dance party, to celebrate the graduating session 1 class of 2018.- Yurt 4

Sundays at camp are Theme Days! Todays theme was a Reverse Day. The girls got to sleep in and woke up for brunch where they enjoyed waffles and ice cream. Fuelled for the day on sugar, they had a campfire and made up their own campfire songs about how much they loved EVR. They then split up into their activity groups where they did tie dye, low ropes, cake decorating and yoga. For dinner they had a BBQ, and the night ended with an outdoor movie where they watched the Parent Trap!

The 4 weekers also wanted to let everyone know what they had been up to in their program, and this is what they had to say;

So far, the 4 week program has been off to a great start. In the barn, campers have been doing daily chores, along with in depth lessons on their own horses. Instead of briefly covering broad topics, the 4 week program focuses on perfecting techniques before moving on to more advanced lessons. By the end of this week, the four weekers had all trotted as well as created a strong bond with their horses. Outside the barn, the have participated in low ropes and lots and lots of arts and crafts activities.

This is Pingu. He is also a new horse at EVR this year. We think he is a breed called a Missouri Foxtrotter. Pingu is cuddly, loves attention, and shows off his good looks when he is ridden. He is a special horse here at Frost Valley, because he is gaited, which is unique to very few breads. This means that he does not move like your average horse. In a normal trot, horses move up and down, in a two beat movement, but in a gaited horse, the movement is much more side to side. An experienced rider can also get a gaited horse into a really fast trot which is at the speed of a canter. We think Pingu is a great horse who will make as a fantastic addition to the Frost Valley Family. He also sticks his tongue out a lot. 




Laura Stirling

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