3 canoes on lake cole

There’s no trail too long for the EVR girls!

Today was once again BLAZIN’ hot out, so we avoided the dusty arenas and took to the trails for shade. Most groups completed Latigo Loop, up over the mountains and the less experienced riders did a combination of quarter of Latigo Loop, Sheriffs Shortcut and pasture pass. All in all, it was an enjoyable riding day out of the sun.

I never thought I’d hear myself say this but we are hoping for some thunderstorms tonight to break the heat… the 70’s are a lot more comfortable to ride in than the 90’s for both horse and rider. We are still unstoppable though – LOTS of riding EVERYDAY – We’ve had a few sore butt complaints from riding which we take as a good thing, ha!!!

The girls also got to try their hand at roping today, which everyone loved – pictures will be on smugmug.com 🙂

Everyone’s confidence with the horses has really grown over the past week & a half, especially the beginner and intermediate rider groups. It’s great to see 🙂

We had a special treat of ice-cream after dinner and tonight is LIP SYNC!!! We are so excited! Any chance the girls get they are SINGING!!!! They just ALL love to sing!





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