They never stop amazing us

Breakfast consisted, in part, of French toast with tasty maple syrup. I walked by a table of Pokey-Totem campers, our youngest village, and saw one young guy happily eating his syrup with a fork. I asked him about it and he insisted that this was the best way to enjoy syrup, and who was I to talk him into a more efficient manner?

The next moment a Susky camp said good morning to me with great enthusiasm. She told me that the previous evening, at dinner, the amplification system in the dining hall wasn’t working. When it came time for the usual playing of the “clean-up song,” after one staff member — the talented DeQuan Foster — sang an amazing song, this young lady, as she told me, ran up and ask the directors if she could sing a song too. The assented and she proceeded to belt out a number that everyone loved. When I asked her if this was a highlight for her, she said yes, and then added that it was a highlight of her life. The photo below captures her next gesture.


Al Filreis

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