3 canoes on lake cole

Tie-Dye, Ice Cream and hay wagon ride

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here at Farm Camp.  Leigh had her day off so I ended up helping out in a more hands on way with the campers, which was really good for me.  In gardening we had a “Garden Olympics” with little 5 minute contests.  Rock picking, weeding, raspberry picking, and sweet corn picking were the tasks.  In the end they realized that this was hard work disguised as fun, however I was simply AMAZED at how much a group of campers can do when they are motivated.    

Last night I sat in with a group for the evening activity.  We started off with a nice relaxing wagon ride up the road to our retreat center called the Straus Center.  We would have made Thoreau proud as we enjoyed the amazing beauty of these peaceful woods.  After the wagon ride we headed to tie-dye.  You’ll be able to see what they created in a couple days!  The last activity was making ice-cream the old fashioned way and playing a fun game or two while we waited for it to freeze up. 

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