Time flies when you are having fun at EVR!!

Are we really already in the second week of session 1?!

The girls at EVR have had a super busy week! Something new that we have started in our EVR program is Specialties. This is something our counselors have been working on during their staff training. They have to come up with a theme for the week and do activities to go with that theme, and the girls get to pick what they want to do. For example, this week, the younger girls chose the princess diaries. They created crowns in arts and crafts and played a huge game of capture the crown. The older girls chose a monster theme, where they had to create themselves into monsters, and then act out a scene of their monsters personalities.

On Friday, the girls spent most of the day at Farm Camp. Here, they did archery and swam at the water hole there. In the evening, the girls had a huge lip sync battle!

Saturday is bareback day at camp! The girls all rode a different horse, with no saddle. This teaches the girls about the movement of their horses underneath them. It also allows the girls to practice their balance on the horses. While not riding the girls did candle making, made their own board game, and had a fashion show! This is when they find whatever trash they can, and dress up their counselors in it, who then have to model their new outfit on the runway.

Sunday is THEME DAY!! We had a birthday theme yesterday! Everyone had a birthday yesterday,  where the girls wrote birthday cards to staff members who they appreciate, such as the chefs, kitchen staff, cleaners etc. We then made party hats and decorations for our DANCE PARTY in the evening. It was also hot so we did water activities such as slip n slide and drip drip drop.

Yesterday we started our horse specialties. This is when the girls pick if they want to carry on with their arena lessons or go out on-trail ride. So look out on SmugMug for pictures of the girls out on their trails!

Last night for evening program we did “EVR under the stars”!! We all slept outside on the grass, and star gazed and learned about constellations. It was truly magical. This lovely horse is Wilson


Laura Stirling

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