3 canoes on lake cole

Trail rides and Bare back day!

Sorry for the late post, we’ve just been having too much fun! Thursday was the day that the two rooms switched activities. One room was making friendship bracelets for their horses and attaching it to their saddles. The other room met up with Alumni member Kacey, who illustrates for The Simpsons, and drew up some horses. This was a great little work shop and hopefully they can show you their new skills when they come home! Thursdays evening’s activity, which surprisingly the girls loved! Who knew Bingo could be so fun!
Friday was a very active day! Mustang started their day off at water front where they got to swim in our many sections of the lake, use the trampoline and paddle in row boats, canoes; paddle boards and small peddle boats! Perfect for the sunny morning we had! After the girls changed into their sports gear it was time for Rounder’s! Rounder’s is very similar to baseball! Some of the girls hit the balls so far that they go a home run! Their energy and enthusiasm for their teams was awesome! Friday was also a little different down the barn, instead of a lesson in the arena; we went down the Neversink trail on the horses! A trail is great for the girls to take all that they have learnt in their lessons and use it on the trail. This is a mile long trail that goes behind the barn and follows next to the river. We ride all the way down into one of our pastures, do a huge loop and head back towards the barn. Along this trail the girls have to practice on keeping their horse in line with the others, remembering their posture and keeping a good distance between them and the horse in front. Sometimes we even see dear and Bald Eagles on this trail. The favorite thing about this trail is you can hear the river running next to you. Very relaxing. After our long day of new activities, Mustang had a great time at Movie Night! We watched Epic! A story about a girl who gets shrunk to help a small village of tree people! They lose their queen who has the bud of nature. If it doesn’t get planted there would be no more trees! The girls loved it and especially the three legged pug!

Saturday is the best day of the session! It’s bare back day! We start our morning making colorful tie dye and water games at the barn. So much color and balloons everywhere. I’m sure you’re going to love what they have made! This afternoon Mustang will be doing a bareback lesson. This is great for the girls to learn how to use their core when riding and to feel all the muscles underneath them. This is followed by face paint and even painting the horses! Tonight’s evening program is the Wawayanda dance! The whole of Wawayanda gather on the hard courts and Filries field to bust some moves and play sports! I’m sure the girls will be very tired tonight!


Chantelle Brooks

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