3 canoes on lake cole

Trailblazing at East Valley Ranch!

Well, since our rainy, rainy last blog post, we have had nothing but sun here at EVR – it has been lovely! Although it has not been as hot as we would like (it kind of felt like fall this week) it has still been beautiful as always. And perfect conditions for riding!

The lesson groups have been progressing well, with most groups working on their trotting and some even working on their skills at the canter – see smugmug for the latest pics!

Last night’s evening program was a NIGHT HIKE, where we put our night vision to work


and play an epic game of CAMOUFLAGE!
Today we spent the whole day out on the trails exploring miles and miles of the Catskills that we have right here in the East Valley. Our trail today is called Ranger Ridge and it crosses the Neversink River and goes all the way up onto close-by – Wildcat Mountain.

We also found the newest member of the EVR family! Hanging out on one of our apple trees we found a Cecropia Silk Moth Caterpillar… He’s pretty cool looking and right now he is in his cocoon settled for the winter ready to spread his wings next spring. Apparently the Cecropia Moth is the largest moth in North America, with some wing spans almost 6″ wide!

Tonight we are making banana boats by the campfire. What a lovely way to end a pretty great week. This weekend is Bareback day on Saturday and Theme day on Sunday! See the blog on Monday to find out how it went.

For our four week girls, not only have they been working incredibly hard in their lessons but they have also been learning the basics of teaching a ground lesson and also learning how to assist in an arena lesson. Next week they will be putting their skills to the test! Also, they have been hard at work preparing for their drill team performance which will be on Thursday next week.

WE LOVE EVR!!!!! <3



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