3 canoes on lake cole


It’s been a great week since I last blogged. We had our super amazing theme day on Sunday which was TWINS THEME. Inspired by the movie The Parent Trap. The girls found their “twin” for the day, made up secret hand shakes and played a ton of games in their twins, they even practiced their best British accent. See smugmug for the pictures!

The girls have been working hard in their arena lessons, progressing so well in their groups. Today the weather is rainy and cloudy, but what better to do than hit one of our many, many trails! We can keep out of the rain and under the trees and go on a scenic trail alongside the Neversink river and up in to the mountains.

Monday night’s evening program was a surprise Birthday party for one of our staff members and then when it was dark enough we played a game called killer in the barn. Basically, the girls each pick a card and whoever gets the joker becomes the “killer” and has to go around in the pitch dark and mark an X on the back of someone – who then “dies” and the rest of the girls then have to try to figure out whoever they think the killer is!

Last night’s evening program was our STAFF DEMO, where the girls get to see their instructors ride their horses and put them to the test!

Also, tonight is East Plus West where the girls from Mustang Village come over and we play one giant game of Ultimate Sicko Ball! It’s usually ¬†one of the best night’s of the session!

WE LOVE EVR!!!!!!!!!!! <3



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