3 canoes on lake cole

Trails, waterfront and more at East Valley Ranch!

The sun has been shining and the girls are ready for more, here at East Valley Ranch!

Wednesday morning Yurt 3 woke up early and wrangled before flag raising and breakfast! After the meal the girls split up into their usual groups and the morning girls went down to the barn for their lesson while the other group got to do a ground lesson on Breeds and Colors! It was really fun, each of the campers got assigned a certain breed of horse and they had to look up information and facts so that they could “sell” their horse to someone. The more facts they had the more points, or “money”, they would receive for their efforts! The girls loved it and did a really good job. Then the girls played some good memory and guessing games before lunch!

After lunch and rest hour the groups switched, so the girls who did the ground lesson in the morning went down for their riding lesson and vice versa! The lessons went great and the girls learned a lot! After all of the fun at the barn it was time for chores and turnout before dinner. It was a delicious meal that was followed by showers before our evening program…MOVIE NIGHT! All of the girls got really comfortable in the couch room before we turned on a camp favorite, Spirit. It was the perfect way to end the evening!

Thursday morning it was Yurt 1’s turn to wrangle before meeting everyone else at the flag pole before breakfast! Half of the girls went to the barn again for their lessons in the morning while the other girls did a lesson on Horse Careers before Soccer! It was really fun watching the girls pull out a slip of paper that had a certain horse career before silently acting it out for us to guess. Charades was a total hit and all the girls were laughing and shouting out jobs until someone guessed it right. Then it was time for a fun game of soccer! Lunch and rest hour came next before it was time for the girls to flip flop and do the activities or riding lesson that they hadn’t done yet.

Because of the hot weather we decided that once everyone was finished at the barn and with their activities we would take a hay ride down to WATERFRONT! We all cooled off and splashed around in the water, playing games in the shade as well as making sure to drink lots of water! After the hayride back to EVR it was time for dinner and showers before our evening activity of…CHALLENGE NIGHT! Some of the counselors put together a huge challenge night in which the girls had to complete a series of difficult tasks and challenges to win their team points. Teamwork was key and the girls did an amazing job of working together and doing the best that they could!

This morning it was Yurt 5 who came to the field to bring in the horses. We all met at flag raising for celebrations and our Pearl of Wisdom before eating breakfast, french toast sticks YUM. Half of the girls went to the barn this morning to go on a TRAIL RIDE before their lesson! The other group have been learning all about vet care and how to take care of horses! Whether it was looking at the different kinds of medicine or bandages the girls had so many different questions, and really loved learning how to use the wraps on their own legs! After lunch and rest hour it will be time to flip flop again so the girls are really excited for our first day of trails this session!

We <3 EVR!



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