3 canoes on lake cole


So, session 4 is most definitely in full swing and needless to say, we are having a blast. Since Tuesday’s rainy day – we have had nothing but SUN!! – it’s been lovely! And obviously, tons of sunshine = RIDING, RIDING, and even more RIDING!! The girls have been progressing wonderfully in their lesson groups – some groups are working on their very first trot, while others are already trotting as a group and working towards their first canter later on in the session. I find it quite amazing to watch how much they can develop and grow from one day to the next.

Aside from their lessons the girls have been learning about basic vet care, breeds and colors and horse careers. They have successfully learned how to wrap and injured leg, identify different breeds and colors that we have right here at EVR, and learned about all the different career paths that can be taken within the horse world along with so much more!

Although it may not seem like it, we are not always horses, horses, horses! When the girls are not at the barn, we have been making friendship bracelets, playing Indian chief and even had a pretty impressive (and competitive) game of soccer.

Our evening program for Wednesday night was BATTLE OF THE YURTS – where each yurt came together as a team and worked with one another in a series of challenges to determine which yurt was the mightiest. It might come as quite the shock that it was a TIE!! So we had a bonus round to decide once and for all which yurt was the best and the overall winner was… YURT 5!!!!

Last night the lawn at EVR was transformed into the battle ground that was soon to become home to ULTIMATE SICKO BALL! This is a Frost Valley tradition that has been going on for years and is an up and coming EVR favorite. The girls are divided in to teams (red, green, black, and white) and the object of the game is to end up with as many balls in your area as possible! It’s pretty AMAZING to say the least.

Tonight the girls are having a relaxing spa & movie night inside East Valley Lodge to relax and have fun after the busy week we have had. So much nail painting and yoga to look forward to… 🙂

Check out smugmug.com soon for our latest pictures!

EVR!!! <3



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