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Visiting our EVR sisters

Tuesday’s weather wasn’t the best! So instead of waterfront, the Mustang girls hung out in their lodge. They had the heat on, fluffy socks and sweatshirts. So cozy! Mustang spent their morning chilling out, reading, making friendship bracelets and just hanging out with each other. A nice relaxing morning from all the activities from the Olympix the day before! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great, so much so that the girls didn’t get to ride. But they got to spend a lot of snuggle time with the horses and grooming them. To finish the day, Mustang spent the evening having natural facials and banana boats. We gave the girls so many ingredients like natural yogurt, oats, honey, oil, baking soda, teabags and cucumber to mix together and make their own facials. Their lodge looked like a day spa! Banana boats are so delicious! You take a banana and take out a strip off of the top. Then you fill the gap with chocolate chips and marshmallow. Then you wrap it in foil and put it on the fire until the banana goes all gooey and the chocolate and marshmallow melt together. The gooiest, yummiest, stickiest desert you could ever imagine.
On Wednesday we did things a little differently. We had Gymkhana day! Gymkhana is games on and off horse back! We programed with our day camp group Hoofbeats too. The groups were separated into four countries. New Zealand, Japan, Wales and Brazil. Each team was timed in all games on and off the horse. There was a sack race, egg and spoon (on horseback), hunt the sweetie, this is where they have to ride their horses to one end of the arena, dismount and find a sweetie in a bucket of shavings, jump back on their horses and ride back to their partner to switch! We also played apple bobbing and created cheers for our teams. There was so much energy coming from all campers. Their team spirit was awesome! Each country also participated in a scavenger hunt and it was all horse related. They had to figure out the clues and find which item they needed. They found hoof picks, helmets, stirrups and even a bucket of hay! And at the end of the day some awards were given out! We had best team, most spirit, best apple bobber and so many more. We got to end our awesome day at our overnight at none other than EVR! East Valley Ranch is our girls only sleep away camp on the east side of the valley. This beautiful place is perfect for girls that love to spend time with horses in a smaller environment and build even better friendships. This is also an alternative we offer to our campers that age our of Mustang, so it’s perfect for the girls to visit and experience where they could eventually be! They started the evening off eating pita pizzas and s’mores out on the back deck of Strauss, the building at EVR. After they got to watch one of the programs at the east valley perform a Drill Team. This is similar to a dance routine but on horseback. We like to let Mustang see what they do at EVR so we can show them how fun it would be to leave the main camp and come here! The girls slept out under some tarps under two huge trees that sit out on the main lawn of EVR. Every one slept very well and the girls are very excited that they could one day go to EVR!
Can you believe they come home tomorrow?! Session two has flown by so quickly. Today was spent packing and tidying the rooms, who knew that these little girls could have so many belongings? But after all was cleared up and put away the girls headed to the barn for their last ride! But today we got to go out on a trail ride! The girls rode out of our back paddock and down our Neversink trail. This goes all the way down to one of our pastures; we do a big loop and ride back up to the barn. This is a great thing for the girls to experience as they are not confined to the fences of the arena and get to see the beautiful scenery of the Neversink. A perfect way to end the session. We are just about to head to our closing campfire and to say thank you and good bye to Frost Valley for session 2. We hope to see you again soon!


Chantelle Brooks

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