Walking around by the old “Haunted House” site

Frost Valley people dating back to the late 1950s and 1960s will remember the (in)famous overnight camp site dubbed “The Haunted House.” There was of course nothing the least bit haunted about this spot, but, well, it’s camp—and we like to make a great deal out of an otherwise ordinary situation. Toward the west end of the property, along the Neversink River down there, there was an abandoned two-story house. Quite aside from the old house, this spot presented itself as the perfect site for overnight camping. When the camp opened here in 1958, and this site was prepared for campers, no doubt the staff sought a catchy name for it, looked up at the dilapidated structure, and came up with the name. Long after the house fell down and was removed in pieces, the site is still known as The Haunted House. I’m guessing most campers spending the night there have no idea why it has this name. I walked all over the site and its surroundings and here are some photos.

The little shed here stands just where the “Haunted House” did through the 1980s.
Not far from the Haunted House site along the Neversink is the Flyfishing Cottage—the house built c. 1910s for members of the Flyfisherwoman’s Club, part of the Connell Family property in those days.
The Neversink just below the campsite.


Al Filreis

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