Kidney Camp – In 1975, Frost Valley YMCA partnered with the Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation to become the first camp in the nation to offer a complete overnight camping experience while campers receive their vital dialysis treatments. Kidney Camp helps these campers become self-confident and gives many of them their first experience away from home.

Hearts in the Valley Cardiac Program – Modeled after Kidney Camp, Hearts in the Valley is a partnership between Frost Valley YMCA and the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. Hearts in the Valley allows pediatric cardiac and heart transplant patients to gain a sense of independence, with the care of our world-class medical staff on site.

Mainstreaming at Camp – Mainstreaming at Camp is a program designed by Frost Valley YMCA and the Young Adult Institute. MAC integrates children with developmental disabilities in main camp. Mainstreaming at Camp gives these campers a sense of belonging and teaches all campers how to celebrate diversity.

Overnight Camp – Over 2,000 campers spend their summers at Frost Valley YMCA in our resident camp program every summer. This experience molds children into more impassioned leaders and teaches them the values necessary to live together in a diverse and inclusive community.

Farm Camp – 515 acres of Frost Valley YMCA is home to Farm Camp where campers learn how to grow food and plants, care for farm animals, and become environmentally conscientious. Farm camp gives campers a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Day Camp – Nearly 1,000 children every summer spend their days at Frost Valley YMCA, exploring the wonders of the outdoors. Day Campers further develop their social skills, self-confidence, and independence.

Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA Partnership – Campers from Japan come to Frost Valley YMCA every summer to experience our culture and to share theirs with us through our Tokyo-Frost Valley YMCA partnership. This program fosters diversity and allows for the real world experience of being part of a global community.

School Programs – Frost Valley YMCA’s Environmental Education program brings the classroom to life in the great outdoors for more than 15,000 children from the tri-state area every year. Environmental Education lays the foundation for the next generation of environmental stewards.

Adventure Village – During two-week sessions, Adventure Village campers experience Frost Valley in a uniquely adventurous way. At the same time, they learn the values of responsibility, respect, and community.

Equestrian Programs – When campers become a part of the Equestrian Program at Frost Valley YMCA they spend their days riding, learning about, and taking caring of horses. Our Equestrian Program instills a sense of responsibility and stewardship in your riders.

Group & Family Retreats – 14,000 children and adults come to Frost Valley for weekend, overnight, and day trips. Family & Group Retreats allow these participants to experience the outdoors in a new and dynamic way, fostering a broader sense of community.