Consider choosing one of the following giving levels:

$15 a month will provide two children with an environmental education experience that will take them out of the classroom and immerse them in the world around us. Our staff create a truly memorable outdoor experience. ($180/year)

$25 a month will provide a child with a fun, safe and nurturing environment during a two-week summer day camp session. ($300/year)

$50 a month will help purchase program equipment to ensure that the children and families we serve throughout the year get a quality experience, while spending much needed time together as a family. (total $600/year)

$75 a month will help with the maintenance and renovations of our beloved cabins, ensuring that all of our guests have a warm and cozy place to return to after a day filled with fun, excitement and new adventures. ($900/year)

$100 a month can help provide a weekend of education, relaxation and peace of mind for a group of cancer survivors. ($1200/year)

$125 a month will provide a child with a two-week resident camp experience that will help them build confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility, while making new friends. ($1500/year)