3 canoes on lake cole

We are East Valley!!!

Yesterday the sun was once again out and half the girls spent the morning riding and the other half the afternoon. It was a fully packed day! It was also split by some slip & slide and water balloon fun to cool off from the midday sun.Yesterday the girls all got to do basic vaulting on our big draft horses Boomer and Jefferson. They took turns riding them around bareback in our round pen and then lie back on them, do ‘around the worlds’ and climb all over them. All the girls really enjoyed themselves.

After turn out at 4.30pm, the girls got to watch Jennie perform ‘join up’ in the round pen with a paint mare called Pie. They learned about herd behavior and bonding with their horse.

Every lesson is now at least working on their trotting and the more advanced lessons are working on their technique at the canter with barrel racing and pole bending. Today we plan on a half ‘n’ half riding session for all – both arena and trail work – where the girls can choose the trail of their choice.

Last full day of EVR 🙂 Last night at the ‘secret’ campfire site the girls all spoke of how much fun they’ve had and how they would love to come back! Wohoo!

We LOVE EVR!!!!!




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