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We love the Zip Line

One of Frost Valley YMCA’s unique attractions is our zip line. Campers and guests jump off the platform located at the top of our Y-Tower, soaring down our 380 feet long zip line. It’s an absolute thrill.

We love the zip line because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. Even for the most experienced ropes course participant, the zip line gets your blood pumping.

There is no secret to going on the zip line. Putting on a safety gear (harness and helmet), climbing to the of the tower, and getting clipped in are steps in getting ready to jump. The instructor is with you along the way the entire time. Our goal is for every person to enjoy their experience while being safe.

As you step off the platform, you might have the thought “what am I doing? Am I really going through with this?”. The important part to remember is that you are have already been so brave. Everything at Frost Valley YMCA is challenge by choice. This means that we will never force you to do something, but we will ask for you to try new things. By putting all the gear on and making it to the top of zip line, you have already accomplished trying something new. At this point, it is just enjoying the ride and the feeling of flying.



Dan Weir is the Director of Camping Services at Frost Valley YMCA. Click here to learn more about Dan.  Dan can be reached at dweir@frostvalley.org or 845-985-2291 ext 270.


Dan Weir

Dan Weir
Director of Camping Services
845-985-2291 ext 270

Growing up in New Jersey, Dan Weir knew Frost Valley YMCA as the place his family loved. Now Dan has 21 summers working at Frost Valley YMCA under his belt. He has progressed from junior camp counselor to Director of Camping Services, overseeing Frost Valley’s overnight summer camp programs. Dan holds a Master’s Degree from Stony Brook University, specializing in youth development and technology affecting youth, and a Bachelor’s Degree from George Washington University in Psychology. Dan lives year round at camp with his family.

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