3 canoes on lake cole

Why did the horse go to the doctor?

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Session 1 is in full swing! We have 8 core values at Frost Valley, and today our core value was inclusiveness. We played lots of team games, including ultimate kickball, and therefore we wanted to make sure that everyone included each other, got involved and cheered each other on. On the theme of inclusiveness, tonight for our Evening Program we are heading down to Farm Camp for challenge night, where we play many challenges such as smelliest sneaker, weirdest noise, and best talent. The girls are all progressing nicely in their horseback riding lessons, and have learned the basics of walking, stopping and circles. Their ground lesson was on horse movement and confirmation, which is the degree of correctness in a horses bone structure musculature, and its body proportions in relation to each other. The girls have enjoyed swimming at waterfront and building dams to make it deeper. Coming up over the next few days we will be learning about horse first aid, stable management and have a lip sync battle!



This is Buddy. He is a Clydesdale Horse. He is great for a beginner learning to trot. Buddy has a party trick! When you ask him for a kiss, his nose will touch yours!



Answer to the joke will be in tomorrows blog!


Laura Stirling

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