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Winding Down

Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! We’ve had an exciting couple days here in the valley. Yesterday was our ropes day! Campers participated in our flying Pegasus and the Leap of Faith! They also got to see a close up round pen ground lesson being taught, teaching the kids about horses and the horse’s respect for their riders. Unfortunately an afternoon storm meant a portion of the afternoon was spent indoors, but campers still got that bonding time with their yurt mates and counselors. The sun came out during dinner and the ground had dried enough for multiple rounds of ladder ball, which wound up being the highlight of many campers’ days.

Today campers did their riding specialty, either arena or trails. Campers also got to make horse treats for the horses who have been working so hard for us this session, practicing their stewardship and caring core values. Everyone did  some creeking, as it was another warm day here, as well as enjoying some quality time expressing themselves in the Arts & Crafts barn. This evening we had our Staff Demo, where staff rode for the kids and showed them equestrian skills and techniques campers can work towards. They did barrel racing, musical barrels, and speed Simon Says.

Our WITs (Wranglers-in-Training) have been hard at work this whole session learning about the advancement of camper to staff, counselor 101, barn chores & safety, and so much more. These extraordinary campers have been making such an impact around camp through their service and dedication to making camp the best it can be, be it trimming branches on the trails or facilitating an evening program, these young women are awesome.

Stay  tuned for our final days of session 1! Be well and Build Strong.


Catherine Hathaway

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