Wrapping up Session 2 of Farm Camp

We have had a wonderful time this week with beautiful weather and a lot of great specialty programs. This week we offered many different specialty options throughout the day, which the kids have really loved.
Specialty 1: Stuffed animal making, barn science, garden food creations, witches and wizards class, and specialty roulette.
In barn science, the campers have been doing a log of egg experiments. So far, they have made silver and gold eggs and also rubber eggs. They also made plastic using vinegar and milk. It was an eggcelent experience for all. During the garden classes the group has been making a lot of healthy treats from the garden. They have made pickles, jam (used to eat and to exfoliate), fried flowers, ice pops, and potato fries. Our witches and wizards have been creating their own spells, perfecting their wands, and today they are making magical potions!
Specialty 2: Basic barn, advanced garden class, mushrooms, snack attack, and FiT iT were the options for our campers to choose from in the afternoons.

The campers in mushrooms class are learning how to identify a variety of mushrooms in the Catskills as well as everything there is about fungus. At snack attack, the specialty groups makes a snack to eat at the end of class. They have made smoothies, Popsicles, brownies and more! Lastly, is FiT iT, this specialty is led by some of our FiT’s (counselors in training). They have been practicing all of the important things it takes to become a counselor in training. They even made their own FiT iT t-shirts and name tags. Yesterday, they led grace before all of the meals.

As camp winds downs, tonight we will wrap up with our closing campfire. At closing campfire, campers will sign up to perform skits, songs, or any other performance for camp. At the end of the campfire we take time to let the campers thank the people who have impacted them over the past two weeks. Sometimes that is their friends, counselors, or the chef’s in the kitchen. It is always inspiring to hear what an impact camp is making on the campers. Finally, we finish the night with a slideshow from the session at camp.


We will miss our session 2 campers, but we hope to see them all back again next summer. 



Nicki Macy

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