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Wrapping Up the First Week

Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! Things are still going well and moving along in the valley. Yesterday our campers all learned about horse first aid and how to identify different sicknesses and ailments in their equine friends as well as their riding lessons. Campers also got to spend some quality time in the arts & crafts barn, an activity asked for daily by most, doing projects like string art and vision boards. Evening program was our famous challenge night! One of our board members came to the valley and sponsored a challenge night where campers competed in silly challenges for the ultimate prize- ice cream sundaes!

This morning campers got to watch a round pen demonstration where they witnessed the levels of respect between horses and instructors up close and personal, a very cool sight to see! This was followed by their riding lessons. This afternoon our four week campers got to take a trail ride to Frost Valley Farm where they dropped their horses off in a grassy oasis for the weekend to munch and relax in. They were met at the farm with cold water, snacks, and Capri suns. They then had a leisurely hike back the EVR where they enjoyed a quiet rest of the afternoon. Our two week campers got to help with turn out for our horses then had a nice long stay in the creek, cooling off and making friendship bracelets (friendships too). This evening we played boppers as our evening program where campers had to complete tasks and riddles to get clues in order to write a message all while avoiding those pesky boppers. If your camper comes home with flour on their clothes, that would be why.

Until our next adventure in the valley, Be well and Build Strong.



Catherine Hathaway

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