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Young 2 week survivors start their long journey

After a good day of relaxing at base camp, our young survivors started their multi-night journey.  Their trek will take them over multiple high peaks in the Catskill Mtns.  High peaks here are those that are over 3500 ft.  There are 35 of them total in the park.  Depending on the campers pace and the decisions that they make, they could summit up to 9 high peaks on this journey.  The weather has been cool and damp.  There has been light rain up to this point, but not any big storms.  Last night they stayed in a “lean to” campsite.  This means that they did not have to build their natural shelters.  Tonight, they will have built shelters to sleep under.  Tomorrow night will be in a lean-to again before their “rescue”(camp bus) on Thursday morning.  They left with heavy packs and a huge loads of positive attitude.  I imagine that they will finish their journey with much lighter packs and a ton more fatigue.  What you may not be able to see, is their extreme sense of accomplishment and personal achievement.  What an awesome group of young people…


Jeff Williams

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