Who goes on adventure trips?

Frost Valley Adventure Village and Adventure Trips are for teens looking to have fun, try new things, and make great friends in a dynamic and safe environment. Multiple trips run concurrently and each trip consists of co-ed groups of teens. Some teens come with a friend while others attend on their own. The experience can be affected by large groups of friends attending the same trip, so we try to avoid groups of friends larger than three. 

Who leads our trips?

Frost Valley trips are led by qualified and responsible trip leaders. Trip leaders are at least 21 years old and have significant experience as leaders in the outdoors. Our hiring process includes interviews, extensive background and reference checks, in-depth training, and a high standard for required certifications and qualifications. All staff are certified in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR, and many have more advanced training including, but not limited, to Swift Water Rescue, Wilderness First Responder (WFR), Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor (WSI), and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). In addition, our staff are chosen for their specialized skills and abilities as they relate to trip-specific activities.

Where do campers stay?

Each trip is unique, and accommodations vary from backcountry campsites to beaches to cabins. Please contact us for the accommodations specific to the trips you are interested in attending. 

What kind of food do we eat?

A balanced healthy diet is essential to maintaining energy on an Adventure Trip. We work hard to give each group a variety of well-balanced, tasty foods that fit within the style of the trip. Breakfast and lunch vary between hot and cold options, dinners are always hot. In addition to three meals per day, our menu planning includes snacks and treats. We discourage trip participants from bringing, or purchasing, junk food. If you have dietary needs or restrictions, please call to discuss the specific details before registering.

How do we get to our trip site?

Our transportation depends on the trip’s needs. Vans and mini-buses are typical modes of transportation. Frost Valley drivers are all over the age of 21, with safe driving records, and go through extensive driver training. Buses, planes, and trains may be contracted to transport us to different sites.

What gear do I need to prepare for my trip?

Frost Valley provides all group and trip-specific gear associated with your trip (canoes, tents, stoves, food, kayaks, bikes, etc…). You are responsible for personal gear (clothing, sleeping bag and pad, backpack, skateboard, water bottles, etc…). A trip-specific gear list is sent along with the Frost Valley Adventures Information Packet. Please follow the gear list as closely as possible. Many items are necessary for your safety and enjoyment.

What is expected of everyone on my trip?

Frost Valley Adventures expects everyone on a trip to be an active member of the trip community. Your positive attitude and enthusiastic participation in all aspects of the trip make the experience great for everyone involved. Cooking, clean up, equipment maintenance, fire-building, and many other aspects of your trip are the responsibility of the group. Honesty and respect are very important. As people face the physical and mental challenges of the trip, they need the support of the group to learn and grow.

What does a “backcountry lifestyle” involve?

In the backcountry, you are in an area where there is no plumbing, electricity, or phone lines. Everything you need must fit in a backpack or dry bag. You could be in the middle of a forest, on a coastal island, or in any number of “wild” places. Trip Leaders on backcountry trips have advanced medical certifications and are familiar with emergency procedures for the area. Living in the backcountry gives people a chance to reflect and unplug. These experiences are some of our most challenging and most rewarding.

Where do trips leave from?

All trips start and end at Frost Valley YMCA. Instructors will transport all participants to-and-from the activity locations.