Kidney Camp is back for Summer 2022!

In 1975, Frost Valley YMCA, in partnership with the Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation and the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, established the nation’s first mainstream camp experience for children with kidney disease. Over 45 years later, Frost Valley has welcomed more than 1,500 kidney campers. Each child has the traditional sleepaway camp experience for 12 days, in villages with same-age peers, while gaining confidence and independence in what may be their first time away from home. Campers meet other children with medical problems like theirs and share their story with their counselors and cabinmates. They learn new skills and improve techniques for managing and coping with their medical condition. Parents are able to see their child make friends, gain independence, and have fun. Kidney campers are free to just be kids!

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  1. Please complete the initial registration forms here
    Or use this Kidney Camper Registration Form and email it to Maya at
    Then download/print/return the additional forms below when needed
  2. Kidney Camp Info/Treatment/Photo Consent
  3. Kidney Camp Testimonial Sheet
  4. Kidney Camp Nephrologist Info
  5. Gottscho Kidney Transfer Forms
  6. Camp Dialysis Consent
  7. Transient Dialysis Forms
  8. Kidney Camp Meds
  9. Frost Valley Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate
  10. ALL 2022 Kidney Camp Forms


A family weekend will be available in June for those who are new to kidney camp or who are not ready for the sleepaway experience. Please contact Maya Doyle for more information if you are interested:


Camperships and Funding are provided by the Ruth Gottscho Kidney Foundation.

You can also visit the RGKF Facebook page or YouTube page



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