Frost Valley YMCA is distinguished by our commitment to promote a better understanding of the environment.  Our location at the headwaters of the Neversink River means our actions affect more than 9 million people.  This clean source of drinking water is part of the New York City watershed, which is completely unfiltered.  Our location is strategically important for researching, demonstrating, and teaching the importance of environmental science and stewardship.

Frost Valley is committed to furthering the understanding of our environment through research.  We operate two long-term monitoring stations that track pollutants in precipitation, a rain gage, and weather station.  In addition Frost Valley collaborates with research agencies and educational institutions to further environmental science research.  Research at Frost Valley has provided knowledge and understanding of environmental processes within the ecosystem.  Continuing this research and collaboration allows Frost Valley to further knowledge for science based decision making and practice environmental stewardship.


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