Corporate Teambuilding Programs

When your group participates in a Frost Valley YMCA Teambuilding program, you receive a completely personalized itinerary to meet your individual needs.  If you are scheduling a retreat where you would like to do your own planning and exploration but would like to inject a little adventure and excitement, we can schedule activities around your needs.  Whether you have a new team that needs to start getting to know each other quickly, or a group of seasoned coworkers who need to rebuild their creative drive and trust, we can create a retreat that will achieve the goals you set.  Our facilitators help you refine your objectives, explore the importance of reliance and trust, sharpen communication, laugh and enjoy each other, and move leaders and workers alike from their sometimes stagnant comfort zones into dynamic reinvigorated zones of growth and development.



Our dedicated and experienced Teambuilding staff works with high schools and colleges, sports teams, non-profit organizations, small businesses, religious or spiritual organizations, youth groups and large corporations.  Some of the organizations that we have hosted include; Columbia University, SUNY New Paltz, the Victoria Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance, New York Mission Society, Newark Public Schools and Vedanta Inc.  Our Teambuilding staff work with each group to individualize the experience to maximize the outcomes.  Some of the different tracks that we provide are:

Corporate Group Program Options

Traditional Teambuilding
The goal for these groups is to move forward along the spectrum of being an effective team.  Some groups will know each other, some will not.  Some groups will have shared experiences previously, some will not.  Each teambuilding facilitator will plan activities that will allow them to evaluate the needs of the group and then move them forward.

Corporate Challenge
Is your leadership team is in a rut?  Are things no longer running smoothly?  Are there some new key people?  Let a retreat at the Frost Valley YMCA rejuvenate and re-create the cooperative spirit!  Our facilitators can help with goal setting, communication, SWOT analysis, and trusting each other.  Let us help you explore the way you interact with fun and challenging activities.  Come prepared to work, grow, and laugh.

Leadership and Guidance
This workshop model stresses participants’ roles and looks to develop the skills necessary to be an effective leader.  Giving and receiving feedback, communicating directions, exploring disabilities, and taking responsibility for decisions are some of the topics explored while working to solve problems and establish and reach goals.

Have We Met?
This fun filled day of games and sharing will bring smiles and knowing looks when you go back home.  Animal imitations, noodle duels, and describing your life with only your hands are only a few of the kinds of activities that will help you relax and get to know each other experientially.

Teambuilding and Training
Many groups who visit Frost Valley for teambuilding will then return to their college or workplace and have to lead groups of their own.  With this format our facilitators will combine other offerings with explanations and tips to prepare participants to lead some activities.

Can I Trust You?
Overcome those second thoughts about those you spend hours and hours with in class, at work, or playing sports.  Our facilitators will guide you through exercises to challenge you to take care of each other, give meaningful feedback, and truly rely on each other.

Childhood and Innocence
Long summer evenings, fields with long grass.  Crisp fall mornings, the smells of notebooks and pencils.  The joy of a new ball or book or bike.  The senses of our childhood before becoming cluttered with schedules and deadlines and worries.  Let us help you look back and remember and re-create those inside feelings and explore what is important to hold onto and nurture as we get older.

Ropes Courses

The Frost Valley YMCA challenge courses include over two dozen high and low elements. Experienced facilitators guide participants through challenges that include developing personal climbing skills, working with a partner on paired activities, making the commitment of jumping into space, pulling together to give peers a thrill, and having a good time. Participants are encouraged to push their limits, but the final decision is always left with the individual. Settings range from zipping off the big ‘Y’ tower to elements tucked away in the trees or near beautiful flowing streams. The depth and range of the activities assures groups will experience the appropriate challenge for their stage of development, meeting their particular goals.