Corporate Teambuilding Programs

When your group participates in a Frost Valley YMCA Teambuilding program, you receive a completely personalized itinerary to meet your individual needs.  If you are scheduling a retreat where you would like to do your own planning and exploration but would like to inject a little adventure and excitement, we can schedule activities around your needs.  Whether you have a new team that needs to start getting to know each other quickly, or a group of seasoned coworkers who need to rebuild their creative drive and trust, we can create a retreat that will achieve the goals you set.  Our facilitators help you refine your objectives, explore the importance of reliance and trust, sharpen communication, laugh and enjoy each other, and move leaders and workers alike from their sometimes stagnant comfort zones into dynamic reinvigorated zones of growth and development.

Our dedicated and experienced Teambuilding staff works with high schools and colleges, sports teams, non-profit organizations, small businesses, religious or spiritual organizations, youth groups and large corporations.  Some of the organizations that we have hosted include; Columbia University, SUNY New Paltz, the Victoria Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance, New York Mission Society, Newark Public Schools and Vedanta Inc.  Our Teambuilding staff work with each group to individualize the experience to maximize the outcomes.  Some of the different tracks that we provide are:

  • Traditional Teambuilding: learn to become a more effective team, define your goals, and create strategies to help you achieve them
  • Trust Building: learn to overcome barriers to trust and enhance the spirit of cooperation and collaboration within your team
  • Playing Well with Others: learn to have fun and play cooperatively, solve problems and challenges with childlike abandon while also improving your teamwork skills
  • Corporate Challenge: set business and professional goals, rejuvenate long-time employees and welcome new employees to get them off to a successful start
  • Leadership and Guidance: learn to give and receive effective feedback, take responsibility for decisions, find ways of getting teams to follow you in your pursuit of achieving goals, and uncover methods for respectful and responsible leadership
  • Large Group Activites: let off steam and make memories you will never forget.  This program is designed for groups that want to get away to the woods, laugh and have fun!