One of my favorite things about summer camp is the international representation in our Summer Camp community. We had 23 different countries represented last summer! I had the pleasure of going to Mexico in January for an international staff recruiting fair. The fair was hosted by our friends at 3Adventures in the city of Puebla. I must have interviewed or spoken to over 100 applicants that day and it was a blast because I love talking about Frost Valley. I hired 11 really passionate and dedicated staff members from that trip and I can’t wait for them to get here. My trip to Mexico really kicked off the hiring season […]

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We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season. Winter Camp is rapidly approaching and we are super excited for campers to arrive. If you love overnight camp there is no doubt you will enjoy Winter Camp. The Winter Camp session will run December 28 – January 1 and will feature your favorite activities from the summer in addition to some programming you have never seen before! Snow has gone missing and we need your help in finding it. Should you choose to accept this challenge you will receive the reward of fun experiences and memories to last a lifetime. There will be snow but only with […]

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It was almost lunch yesterday when the other side of the valley disappeared behind a wall of cloud. These sights can be amazing to those who only spend two weeks of the year up in the Valley, and the rain that comes with such clouds is often a spectacle to be witnessed, yet my first thought was to wonder how i would get to the Dining Hall dry for my meal. I have forgiven myself for this momentary lapse in professionalism; rain this good has to be met with mud slides and puddle dives. It took this group of crazy staff and campers to remind me what we do when […]

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One of the true joys of working on our Activities Department is the designing and execution of all-camp events. Olympix is an old camp tradition that evolves and grows year to year, with this year being no different. The host team was Argentina, and our 8 competing nations were made from the nationalities of some international members of our counselor staff. There is so much that can be said for this event. It is passion and pride. It is competition on a level playing field; who can be the most spirited, enthusiastic and sporting. It is all of camp, for 2 days, loving the experience together in one community.  

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We like to make sure our activities and programs reflect the needs of our current population of campers. It would be possible for us to make schedules ahead of time, filling in the blanks day by day to ensure a varied and exciting camp experience. Yet to do this would take away something valuable; the personalities of individuals, such as the camper who insists his cabin goes on a hike to High Falls this session, or ask that their overnight be near to the sound of water. This is the success of one of our strongest traditions; Leadership meeting, where our Directors, Village Chiefs and Coordinators meet to plan the […]

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Session 2 comes with a diverse camper population. We have veterans, the families who have been with us for two or three generations, and then there are those who, like the veterans so many years before them, are here for the very first time. For those who are new they saw a particularly smooth check in, at the Welcome Center we had familiar faces in both parent and camper alike, and the bus arrival proved to be one of the smoothest our team has ever seen. As one of the first faces at check in, it was great to see these families and campers all going through the same process. […]

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One of the things we are most proud of at Frost Valley is the diversity of our activities. Every day, we want campers to have experiences only available at camp, either due to the nature of them being specialist niches or because some activities only make sense at Summer Camp. Whilst many seem to be stand alone programs, many can be grouped based on what we want the learning outcomes to be. Today I was fortunate to see two very different activities aiming towards the same goals in our Wellness program. First I saw Vivien teaching yoga as seen below; Through her guided yoga period I saw young men and […]

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The ruckus at my door yesterday afternoon was like any other; a group of campers rushing in from outside, quickly stopping in the restrooms, or for some water at the fountains that can be found in the office building we call Margett’s. It was a group of girls from Camp Wawayanda, and as so often happens, they waved and said hello’s as they passed. Never needing too much of an excuse to leave the office chair, I wondered what activities they’d just been up to. After quickly chasing after them, I was glad I caught them in the doorway: Two days into camp, and given the opportunity these campers took […]

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I spent most of check-in at the luggage tent today. For first-timers at Frost Valley, many wondered aloud if it was bad luck that brought overcast skies and drizzle to our happy day of arrival. Any veteran Frost Valley family will tell you, however, that “check in wouldn’t be check in without rain”. Today I heard this more than once, and of course they are right. But what is not said is how important this first downpour is. For our campers, they see our staff stood in the road, directing traffic with smiling faces. They see role models in our Counselors in Training, who get their first opportunities to support […]

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As another staff training comes to a close, the excitement of the lake coming to life, programs beginning to take shape and the camp starting to buzz with anticipation of the campers arriving all begin to surface. This summer the training has been an amazing opportunity to see the effort and care that we put into training our staff. Everyone is so focused and committed to ensuring the development, safety and enjoyment of our campers and staff this summer and it is at the forefront of all our training. Everything from planning our skills training to learning how to work with others has been geared towards creating the best summer […]

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