Happy December Frost Valley Family!


This month, we are going to be celebrating diversity and how we put it into action in our communities. Diversity is a core value that means so much to Frost Valley, and I am really excited and proud to explore diversity with you all this month.


Diversity looks different and feels different for all of us. Diversity can be how we identify, where we are from, our interests, our abilities, and our beliefs. Diversity is in all of us. At camp, we make sure everyone has the space to be their unique self and be celebrated for the things that make them an individual. We also make space for those who may not be comfortable expressing their identity or who may feel marginalized outside of camp by encouraging conversations between campers, making camp accessible for all, providing role models our campers that they can identify with, and embracing teachable moments about diversity. While at camp, we hope to build empathy and connections, reinforcing to our campers their diversity should be celebrated and they should also be celebrating others for their differences.


Now it is time to put this into action. What makes you different, and how do you use it to make your community more diverse? How do your differences make a difference? How do you put diversity into action?


One of my favorite advertisements on television this holiday season has been from Amazon. Although these two men are from different religions, they have a friendship based on a similarity. They are able to make a shared connection and moments of kindness and giving.  I also read an article that they are now friends in real life! Showing kindness to all, even though we are different, is how we build friendships and connect to people, which will ultimately make the world a better place. Here is the link to the advertisement: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouu6LGGIWsc


If you have a story about how you have embraced diversity and put it into action, in whatever way that means to you, please share it! Our community needs more stories of kindness, friendship, and uniqueness, and I would love to feature yours. Please email me at lhutchinson@frostvalley.org and I will send you a core values tshirt!


Sending warm wishes this holiday season! See you all at Winter Camp!

Peace, Love, Bibbley,