I spent most of check-in at the luggage tent today. For first-timers at Frost Valley, many wondered aloud if it was bad luck that brought overcast skies and drizzle to our happy day of arrival.

Any veteran Frost Valley family will tell you, however, that “check in wouldn’t be check in without rain”. Today I heard this more than once, and of course they are right. But what is not said is how important this first downpour is.

For our campers, they see our staff stood in the road, directing traffic with smiling faces. They see role models in our Counselors in Training, who get their first opportunities to support camp by helping us in the huge task of sorting luggage. As parents, you see that the show goes on; that it is our hairs, not our spirits that dampen. You even had the good grace to laugh at my dismal British summertime jokes.

Simply put the atmosphere was not one you would expect from dozens of people stood waiting in the rain. It was calm, happy, and generally unfazed. To me this is important, it was a display of resilience that inspired others to put aside their anxieties, and lean towards the positives. Just as check in wouldn’t be check in without rain, summer camp wouldn’t be summer camp without that resilience.