This morning  adventure awoke and gathered in the village for an activity we call morning ritual. This is where the village will meet and discuss the days core value, each day we pick one of Frost Valleys 8 core vales which are Caring, Community, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Diversity, and Stewardship. Today’s core value was Honesty, here each camper opened up and shared one fact about themselves with the group and after that they made their way to breakfast.

After breakfast we dove into a hard skills rotation. This is where the campers shuffle from station to station. At each station they learn a new outdoor skill: how to work a backpacking stove, how to read the signs of a coming storm and what to do if one comes, what a good camp site should look like, how to minimize our impact on the forests and our natural environment. Before we head into the woods we want to make sure we know everything we can and get on the same page about safety.

After the skills rotation the campers broke out into smaller groups to take part in some camp activities that they wanted. We offered candle making, soccer, and water color painting at the lake. For water color painting campers learn different tips and techniques to create their painting. Today the subject was the very beautiful Lake Cole and to create the image they mixed paint with water from the lake giving them a painting made with the subject in which they painted. A very cool concept for the campers.


Before dinner the whole village got together and jumped into the lake for the swim challenge. Today we had perfect weather to enjoy a dip in the lake! Tonight the campers are making their way to a flashlight tag game we call French Rev. After they will head back to the village to wash up and do devo with their tents. A great day of learning and running around!

Happy Trails.


Assistant Adventure Director

A BIG shout out to Brock in Outpost who lost a tooth yesterday!

Brock S Lost a Tooth!



It can now be said, that all of the first Session of Wawayanda Campers are all tucked in and sleeping safely in their bunks. We had a fun, high energy opening campfire this evening, full of laughter, cheers, and lots of songs. We even made Lakota Omlettes, and Outpost Pot Roast! Here’s all of Wawayanda, doing funny faces for a panorama photo shoot.


We wanted to thank all of our parents for sending your campers here to camp. We are so honored and excited to spend the next 11 days (4 days for some of you) with them! We are looking forward to sharing many magical moments and stories with you throughout the summer.


Peace, love, and Wawayanda,