Session 3 is here and our trips have departed on their journeys! Our day started early with the two West Virginia trips leaving at 5 am and making their 10 hr journey to their destination. They should arrive with plenty of time to set up camp, make a nice dinner and go to bed at a decent hour. Both trips start their days tomorrow with a mud obstacle race! We then had our White Mountains trip leave at 7 am to get to New Hampshire. They start their day off tomorrow with a great day of climbing planned. Our Habitat for Humanity group only had a hour trip, so were able to sleep in and leave at their convenience at around 10 am. They start their tomorrow off with orientation and get right to work at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

I am excited for these trips to get started and am even more excited to seem them return as more mature individuals and confident leaders.

Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985-2291 x265

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