Habitat Maine reports all is amazing.  The crew has been working on a different house this week; building walls and helping to insulate.  The Habitat leaders at the new house have been teaching everyone lots of new skills.

The future owners of the house, once again, bought the group lunch on their first day at the house.  They have been also providing pastries and snacks throughout the day to keep everyone’s energy level up!  The boys have been eating lots…

What could be better then spending the 4th of July in Bar Harbor?  Maybe, seeing fireworks and eating lobster?  The crew got a really good deal on lobster from the dock that they left for whale watching on…

Did I say whale watching?  The morning started off cold and fogged in, but it soon cleared and the group saw 4 whales, 15 times!  The captain of the ship said it was the best whale watching trip he has done in a long time.

Despite all the rain that they have been having up in Maine, the group is in high spirits.  Shout outs will be coming soon…

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