Adventure Village has come a long way! The village has chilled out at the Natural Jacuzzi, spent a lot of time on a majority of the high ropes elements we have here in the Valley and utilized our trails, climbing tower and skate ramps. The village also had a fun time with the climbing towers as well as hanging out with other villages and doing mountain boarding. In the evenings the village has played bombardment, French Revolution, as well as attended the camp dances! On Sunday we spent the day training our campers how to use camp stoves, water purifiers, tent setup/break down, backpack packing, food packing and clean up! Today we’ve split the kids up into their respective Mini-Trips and began to send them out! This is an incredibly big undertaking and the campers were great for the entirety of it! Clapping as each bus headed on out to their respective areas! The enthusiasm is high and it seems like it will be an exciting next couple of days! ((Village Pictures to follow, sorry for the delay!))

Kam Kobeissi
Assistant Adventure Director

Kevin Terrell
Adventure Director

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