Many AdVill campers and staff alike look forward to this special day in the session.  Today, the entire village split into three groups and went on their first journey away from the main hub of Frost Valley.

One group bushwhacked up Doubletop Mountain in an attempt to find the famous Catskill plane crash near the summit.  Another group hiked up and over Wildcat mountain to visit our Farm Camp and got to meet all the animals.  Our last group, but certainly not least, hiked around Frost Valley property and bushwhacked along a local stream.

After a long day of hiking, the village reunited for a hearty dinner in the dining with just enough time to refuel before heading back outside for their overnight at the beloved Project X, where they will sleep out under the stars.

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  • Eileen Irish

    just want to say thanks- we look forward to reading the blogs and seeing what our son Mike and the others are up to. Sounds like you are all doing well and having fun. Thanks again!
    Eileen Irish




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