Hey everyone at home!  The Habitat Adirondack crew just checked in, and they are doing superbly well!  The group is absolutely loving the work, and every single member is showing great leadership skills and responsibility levels.  The group does things without being asked, takes initiative to find work if something specific has not been assigned for a moment, and loves the volunteer aspect of the trip.  So far, the group has used sledge hammers and crow bars to pull apart an old porch, pull up a concrete patch and take down some gutters.  Other people have continued some exterior painting and electrical work inside, while still others have been caulking windows and building closets.  The group is doing a variety of work and each day brings something different, with new learning opportunities and growth points.  Last night everyone went out for a special treat at Donnelly’s ice-cream shop, where they serve only one flavor of ice-cream each night (last night was black raspberry), with a variety of topping options.  In their spare time, a lot of group members have been getting into the game of Magic (a card game with pretty pictures and lots of rules!).

All is well on the homefront in the Adirondacks.  Stay tuned for the next update in a few days!

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  • Bernadetta Messana

    Mom says hi !

  • Kathryn LaROse

    Mom says hi to Sean. Miss him

  • wanda luyando

    Hi Alex…We miss you. MOM, DAD and MICHAEl

  • Rachel List

    It all sounds great and I’m so glad people are into “Magic” -Can’t wait to hear more details!
    Mom and Pop

  • Cathi Dries

    So happy to hear the campers are doing well and working hard to accomplish their goals. We are thinking of you all and are so proud of you. Love to Emily!
    Cathi Dries




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