And our Maine Coasters are currently settling into their island campsite right about now!  They called before they packed up their gear to let us know that the two days of climbing were AMAZING.  Every camper tried climbing at least once – even our more nervous climbers.  A lot of campers also had a chance to try out the Tryolean Traverse (a rope is stretched between two rocks of about equal height and campers then clip into the rope and move hand-over-hand to cross a gap between the rocks – moving horizontally rather than vertically). 

A favorite meal so far has been a breakfast for dinner meal with a camper inspired potatoes and veggie stir-fry to go with eggs and other breakfast favorites. 

Frisbee is a big hit with the boys during downtime, and they have made friends with a few girls about their age at the campground who join them for frisbee or soccer games occasionally (and from what I hear the girls are beating the boys every match!).  🙂

That’s it for now – write to you all soon to tell you about how the sea kayaking portion went!!

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  • Pam Fox-Axelrod

    Sounds like fun! Enjoy the kayaking! Say “hi” to Kobi and the guys.




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