Our Rhode Island ladies are having a great time so far – despite the heat from today.  The farm yesterday was cool.  One of the favorite parts was chasing the chickens and turkeys and trying to pick them up!  Apart from brushing the animals and milking the cows, they also had a chance to work in the garden shelling peas, cooked a meal over an old fashioned hearth, spun yard and watch a professional weaver on a loom.  Each girl mentioned it met their expectations exactly and they were very happy with the day! 

The zoo today was interesting, although very hot as they walked along.  After the zoo, they headed over to a nearby beach to cool off and everyone either swam or waded in the waters.  A frisbee game near/in the watch was a huge success.  The group was just getting ready to prepare their meal of pasta, sauce and veggies for the evening when I talked to them.  The girls are all getting along, being respectful and making sure to include everyone in the group.

I’ll update everyone next on Sunday!!

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