The sun was shining and the mountains were brilliant and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for check in. After settling in with some icebreaker games the campers rolled right into some delicious Frost Valley pizza (an all time favorite!). After dinner, Adventure Village hiked out to their sacred campsite for the opening campfire, where they screamed songs and ate raccoon poop (chocolate).  Adventure Trips participants also hiked out to their new sacred campsite where they told stories and bonded over the beginning of their journey.

All the trips headed out this morning bright and early. The sun rise made the whole sky peach-orange and the dew coated the whole valley. Stay tuned for more details!

Today was a bit humid but mostly beautiful with a slight breeze and a ton of camp magic!

Please note – Smugmug pictures are on the way. If you have an emergency or need to check-up on your camper, please leave a message at 845-985-2291 x265.  We’ll be checking messages frequently.

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