Today marks the last of AdVill try-it week, and it marks the half way point for our fourth and final session here in adventure village. The departure of our try-it campers and staff was a fresh reminder that summer camp 2014 is coming to and end and like all great things can not last forever.

While our try-it campers were packing up and checking out, adventure village was in full swing trying to make the most of our last few days here at camp. As also are days are packed full of fun activities for all kids, here is how today went…

The morning started with a breakout where camper get presented with a selection of activities and they sign up for the one would like most, this morning the options were  Pond Ecology a mainstreaming activity, Giant Swing, and Tie-Dying in Arts and Crafts. The next period we played real life Battle Ship with sponge balls.

After a refreshing lunch the village took part in  a giant game of Banana Olympics! This is where the cabins are broken into teams and they compete in different banana related challenges. Some of the challenges were: tarp banana slingshot challenge, where they try to get the banana into a bucket by hurtling it into the air with a tar. Then there’s the banana basketball challenge, where you attach a banana to a basketball and play basketball. Then there’s the banana ultimate Frisbee, which is relatively self explanatory. Finally there’s the banana hammer throw, where you attach a banana to a string and see how far you can throw it by swinging it around your head and letting it rip! Endless banana fun was had. After this the village chilled off and hung out either creeking around the village or at the water front.

The village then headed out to our top secret fire ring on camp an evening of cooking over the camp fire and building our cooking on trails skills in preparation for our mini trips.

Lets make the most of this last week.

Happy Trails,

Lincoln McLain
(845) 985-2291 x265



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