Today all campers came slamming back into camp! They were all smiles and stories.

The backpackers hiked in from Echo Lake and a fire tower before spending the last moments of their trips infront of a Buddhist monastery at the trail head.

Campers on the canoe trip paddled the last leg of their trip up to the western edge of the Pepacton Reservoir near the dam and beached their ship under the shady trees that surround the reservoir.

Climbers took on two more climbs this morning. A pinicle to their trip and the skills they have gained from 3 days of climbing.

Bikers rode for a half day around the Minnawaska, taking one last dip into the pristine mountain lakes and one last ride at full speed down the trails. Wind in your hair is the only way to feel the freedom of the hills.

Everyone is sure to rest well tonight after all the adventuring and exercise they have done over the last four days.  The village is looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow where they can catch up and do a few last activities together before packing up and heading home.


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