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When it rains…. throw a dance party

So yesterday’s evening activity was so much fun! The girls made banana boats which are the best. They are banana with chocolate and marshmallow, wrapped in foil and put in the fire. This is the most chocolaty, gooey, messy treat you could ever imagine. You can imagine all that sugar had to go somewhere so we practiced more hoopla chants! The girls put so much effort into the new chants and they can all show you when they are home. You may need ear defenders!
Today rained and rained and rained! It rained all day! This morning Mustang managed to do candle making! They spent the time dipping wick in to water then to hot wax to build up and then they shaped the candles to what they want it to look like. There were some very colorful odd shapes! Hopefully you can use them when they bring them home! After that we went to our lodge and did many different arts and crafts activities and took showers because we had a few very big storms that rolled in through the valley. It stormed so much that the girls didn’t get to ride unfortunately! But the weather is looking clear for tomorrow and the girls can’t wait to get back up on their horses! This evenings activity also had to change to an indoor activity. Normally we play a huge ball game on the field but due to the amount of rain, we actually switched tonight’s activity with Saturdays and we had a huge dance instead! In our huge dining hall we are having a “Water is Wet’ theme. Some of the girls made shark outfits, mermaid outfits, even clams! Who knew they were so creative. Even though it rained, the girls have enjoyed their day and are currently dancing away!


Chantelle Brooks

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