The Hird has had a happy weekend! We have had beautiful weather all weekend, sunny with a nice breeze. On Saturday we paused our normal schedule so that each village could have a theme day. Theme days involve picking a theme and then doing various activities based on said theme. Sunday was our all camp day, Carnivalley! Carnivalley is an event where every village comes together to enjoy an outdoor festival.


Saturday’s themes:

Sacky: Area 51. Everyone was clad in green and acted as aliens for the day. They had a BBQ for lunch and played an alien egg scavenger hunt game.

Hemlock: Find/ Fein the Berg! Michael, the Village Coordinator went “missing” and the village had to work together to find him.

Tacoma: Day Off theme! They had breakfast up at their cabins and then spent the whole day focusing on fun. They even got to spend an hour jumping on our bouncy castle.

Lenape: Wrestlemania day! They all were different characters and had a blast being silly and loud.

PAC: Thor/ sports day/ beach day. A mixture of activities, PAC was active all day and spent lots of time on the basketball courts.

Windsong: Beach party day. Windsong started their morning relaxing and having breakfast in their lodge. In the afternoon, they had a “beach party” which featured a kitty pool, a sprinkler, and a giant inflatable beach ball.

Saturday night was the dance for all of camp. Music ranged from the 1970s to now!


Sunday was Carnivalley. Sunday started with sleeping in and then visiting the island of dreams. The island of dreams is the ice cream serving station that campers get served from… chocolate, vanilla, dairy-free options, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. The day got better from there. After an extended rest hour, everyone headed to the ‘carnival’ which featured homemade versions of carnival classics. There was a bouncy castle, facepaint, hayrides, popcorn, snowcones, music, contests, sponge throwing, and more.


Monday we will resume our normal schedule. We hope you all had a good weekend too!


[Photo: Tacoma campers on their ‘day off’]


Claire Greenwood

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