Growing Up and Making Memories


As young girls begin to get older, their interests begin to change. There are also a lot more opportunities to try new things, make new friends, and step away from what is familiar. This past weekend I got the chance to interact with some pretty awesome young girls who are going through their adolescence without letting go of their friendship. The 12-year-olds were part of Girl Scout Troop 3452 for many years, but now that they’re in middle school, they don’t have the time to get together as a club anymore. However, the girls’ friendship is surviving middle school, and their trip last year to Frost Valley was so memorable that they came back for a reunion trip.

While at Frost Valley, the girls didn’t mind being “unplugged.” In fact, they said that it’s more peaceful here without texting, and it was nice to see people looking up when they were walking and taking notice of how beautiful it is here. The girls told me that they’re used to people bumping into them when everyone is walking and sending mindless texts. Without phone service here, everyone is able to just enjoy the peacefulness of camp. The girls most enjoyed making candles, taking hikes, and cooking in our Healthy Home Kitchen. Of course, we also chatted about the latest royal baby, those crazy Dance Moms, and all things Kardashian. The girls also enjoyed playing in the creek and just being silly. The moms love coming to Frost Valley because it’s a chance to spend time with their girls without interruptions.  They’re used to a lot of responsibilities at home, and it’s also difficult to connect with technology and games getting in the way. The group is from Manhattan, so being in the woods for the weekend is a pretty special thing, as well. Their Cable Bridge Hike was a group favorite.

Troop 3452’s Reunion was a great success, and they’re hoping to make it a tradition. There is one 11-year-old in the group, and since she’ll be twelve next year, they’re looking forward to coming back for some High Ropes activities and the chance to fly down our Zipline. For this special group, it’s all about girls being girls and making memories as friends. It’s as simple as that, yet in today’s world, this can be a rarity. We look forward to seeing them again next year!


Ashley Ritzheimer

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