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Our social expectations at summer camp

A message for our Summer Camp Families about our social expectations:

As participants in Frost Valley YMCA programs, summer campers have the opportunity to travel and to interact with a variety of people. This is a unique chance to exercise a new level of autonomy without parental authority. It also means increased personal responsibility representing your family, Frost Valley YMCA, and most importantly, yourself.

1. In keeping with the YMCA mission, appropriate behavior is expected of all participants in summer camp programs. Behavior that conflicts with essential YMCA values will be addressed in a nature appropriate to the disruptive behavior and is at the discretion of the YMCA staff and directors.
2. The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or any controlled substances by any program participant will result in expulsion from the program for the remainder of the year.
3. Criminal behavior of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes the unauthorized use or theft of the property of any Frost Valley program participant or staff member. Also, damage or theft to program vehicles, equipment or any site visited will lead to expulsion from the program for the remainder of the year.
4. Appropriate and respectful interactions with program participants and YMCA staff are at the core of the YMCA mission and essential to having a successful program experience. Non-YMCA patrons will also be treated in a manner that is consistent with the YMCA mission.
5. To truly “disconnect to reconnect” at Frost Valley YMCA’s summer programs, no electronics will be brought to camp. This includes all forms of technology: phones, tablets,  e-readers, and computers.

It is the responsibility of the YMCA to insure each person’s right to achieve our goals within the camp setting. In order to do so, the YMCA requests the understanding and application of this proactive disciplinary policy.
1. Every person has the right to be safe and healthy within his or her environment, including the following:
• security and privacy of personal items
• freedom from verbal, physical and mental abuse (bullying)
2. Every person has the right to an opinion, and to be heard in a constructive and positive manner.
3. Every person has the right to be respected and treated fairly in a civilized manner.
4. Every person has the right to grow in spirit, mind and body and is equally valued and important to the YMCA. It is implied that these rights apply to all individuals, campers, staff and parents alike. If a person infringes on another’s rights, the YMCA staff will take action to remedy the situation.
5. The YMCA staff will do their best to redirect any misbehavior and resolve any issues to achieve a positive outcome for all involved. Parents will be notified immediately if issues arise regarding camper behavior. If positive outcomes cannot be achieved, the YMCA reserves the right to suspend or terminate the camper from our program. Camp fees will not be prorated or refunded for behavioral dismissal.


Dan Weir

Dan Weir
Director of Camping Services
845-985-2291 ext 270

Growing up in New Jersey, Dan Weir knew Frost Valley YMCA as the place his family loved. Now Dan has 21 summers working at Frost Valley YMCA under his belt. He has progressed from junior camp counselor to Director of Camping Services, overseeing Frost Valley’s overnight summer camp programs. Dan holds a Master’s Degree from Stony Brook University, specializing in youth development and technology affecting youth, and a Bachelor’s Degree from George Washington University in Psychology. Dan lives year round at camp with his family.

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